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Have a product review, news, tips or techniques you would like to offer? Contact Connie Hoyt.

Connie offers  A  NEW PRODUCT REVIEW from Dick Blick Artgraf Tailor Chalk 
This is a new product that some of our WAA members have been using, including Jef Sturm, our Life Drawing Instructor. This product is a water-soluble chalk that can be used both dry or wet. The unique shape allows you to draw a fine line, or shade with a flat edge. Work like a Conte’ crayon, but with the added features of shape and water soluble the options are only as big as your imagination! They come as a set or can be bought individually. Available in Brown, Black Carbon, Dark Brown, Ochre, Sanguine and Sepia. Each chalk measures 1¾" × 2" (4.4 cm × 5.1 cm).


Barb Clark offers these TIPS AND TECHNIQUES:
If you want to paint a tree, a bird or an animal, don’t forget to put the bones and necks, or legs will flaw your painting.

- Find a few good pictures of the object, shown from different angles, to act as a guide. A great Internet resource for this is 
Google. Select “Images” in the upper right hand corner and do a search.

- If you want to loosen up, try using a bigger brush!

- And, check your work in progress:
  • Step away and look at your work from a distance.
  • Turn it upside down. Does the composition still work?
  • Hold it up to a mirror. This almost always pinpoints areas you need to adjust.

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