Recent Events
April 25 Abstract Acrylics 
Ginny Lassiter 
Many newbies attended this workshop, Ginny was so wonderful walking us through the elements of this freeing method of painting. 
Ginny critiqued our pieces at the end. What a great experience ! 
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April 4 Watercolor on Gesso 
Rebecca Zdybel 
WOW ! who would think you could do so much with gesso! Thank you Rebecca ! 
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March 8 Mini Workshop 
Barb Clark 
Looks like fun, great results!
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February 16 Acrylic Florals 
Rachel Jones 
A wonderful new technique that I enjoyed learning. What a fun workshop with the teacher being very knowledgable! 
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January 28 Oil/Nature's Grays
Jef Sturm 
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January 21 Oil/ Nature's Grays
Jef Sturm 
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December 3 Watercolor Workshop
Ronald Williams 
Ron gave us all special attention and we all learned some valuable tips! 
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25th Anniversary Show 
Calabash Elks October 28,2016
Great event, we had so much fun we are planning to do a similar event next year!
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North Carolina Plein Air Event​
Emerald Isle, North Carolina: September 21-23, 2016
A good time was had by all at this event.  Beautiful place, beautiful weather, and of course beautiful WAA members in attendance. Below are a few shots of the event. Click here for pictures 

WAA upcoming workshops for the 2017

Tonal Values in Portraiture  Oils or Acrylic 
Rachel Jones - Instructor 
November 2, 2017 
finalizing  all details, keep posted! 

Negative painting Loose Florals Watercolor 
Rebecca Zdybel - Instructor 
December 4, 2017 
finalizing all details, keep posted! 

Life Drawing with Jef Sturm 

please note, space is limited, so act fast!  

Friday's January 19, 2018 to 
February 23, 2018  9AM-Noon

Where:Bellinger Artworks 
 283B Koolabrew Dr. N.W.
 Calabash, N.C. 28467

Painting from the Beginning - Eight Weeks 
Terry Sellers Harrison 

please note, space is limited, so act fast! 

Monday's January 15, 2018 to 
March 5, 2018  9:30 AM to 12:30 PM