Suggested materials list:

The materials list will be discussed on the first day of class in depth.
All -purpose drawing paper, pencils: (2 H, 2 B, 6 B), a kneaded eraser.. Wax free graphite paper.
Oils or Acrylics:
You will need a table top or floor standing easel. A stretched canvas, palette, brushes, container for odorless thinner or water and paper towels.
Arches 140 lb. cold pressed watercolor paper. a prepared board for stretches, staple gun. palette,
water container, brushes, paper towels.
Watercolors Acrylics and Oils:
Warm colors: Cadmium Yellow Med., Cadmium Red Med., Cobalt blue, Cerulean Blue
Cool colors: Cadmium Lemon Yellow, Alizarin Crimson or Permanent Rose, Ultramarine Blue (White Permalba or Titanium White is for Oils and Acrylics Only)

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Location (Double-click on map to enlarge)
Bellinger Artworks 
283B Koolabrew Dr., NW
Calabash, NC  28467
Driving Directions: 
Heading SOUTH on Route 17, take a right turn onto Calabash Road, NW.
Heading NORTH on Route 17, take a left turn (in front of CVS Pharmacy) onto Calabash Road, NW.
Take first left turn onto Koolabrew Drive (Carolina's Business Park). See sign for Artworks Studio at last building on left.
Bellinger Studio

on the Events  Link! 
all our upcoming events 
November 2018 through 
May 2019 

Painting, a step up to 
Intermediate and Advanced

Spring 2019:
WHEN: Monday's 1/14/19 to 3/4/19
             ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT ON MONDAY'S          
             Tuesday's 1/15/19 to 3/5/19
              9:30 - 12:30  SOLD OUT ! 

WHERE: Bellinger Art Works
               283B Koolabrew 
               Calabash, NC 28467 
Each  eight week course 
$90 for members,  $100 for non-members 


These classes will be taught by nationally known portrait artist Terry Sellers Harrison, and will cover painting techniques in any medium and for any subject matter. These classes are designed for intermediate and advaned students The goal of our study will be to enhance each student’s knowledge of drawing, color and composition as they apply to a student’s particular painting. Participants will be encouraged to work from life as well as photography. We will discuss the painting process and different techques we can use a achieve a desived effect in our work for the more experienced painter. Each student will be encouraged to work with professional qualilty materials.
A few particular areas we will focus on are learning to paint the types of light we encounter with our subjects, understanding warm and cool color as it applies to light. We will cover ways to strengthen our compositions not only by the placement of objects but also through the use of value keys. Learning about the various treatment of edges will make our painting surface more interesting. All of these elements and more will help us draw in a viewer looking at our work. With practice and knowledge we can develop our work, with it’s own distinctive look, and become the artists we wish to be.
8 Week Series =Terry Sellers Harrison 

February - Tony Alderman 
Still Waters Mystery for Acrylic and Oil Painters 

Contact Vicki Neilon 

When: Thursday, February 7, 2019 :  9:30 - 3:30 
Where: Bellinger Art Works 
            283B Koolabrew Drive 
            Calabash, NC 28467 

We are blessed to live along a coast line rich in both history and beauty.  Dear to Tony’s heart is to touch an emotion or an evocative feeling in the viewer, not merely creating a beautiful image.  One of the aims of this workshop is to teach the participants various techniques that they can use to create mood, dynamics and emotion in their own paintings. 

We will concentrate on two aspects. One will be reflections in calm waters, think a mirror like reflection. The other will be how to create a sense of age and mystery to structures. I will share techniques on how to take the image of an old building or a boat and handle the textures and the aging of it using shadows, shading and dry brush techniques. 

We will also talk about how the design and structure of our painting can reflect the emotion behind the it.  We will explore ways to let the reflections in calm water feel like they are moving on the canvas to draw you deeper into the painting.

During the workshop we will be creating as we paint together. You may bring a photo or use various images that Tony will bring to the workshop.

$35 for Members, $45 for Non-Members 

Click here for Artist Bio 
Click here for Supply List 
Click here for Registration information and form 

Dan Beck - THANK YOU!! 
Dan Beck Still Life Workshop (oil and acrylic)
When: November 8, 2018

Looks like everyone had a good time! Everyone had a great time! 

January - Susan Dade 

Contact Vicki Neilon 

When: Thursday, January 17, 2019 9:30 - 3:30 
Where: Bellinger Artworks
             283B Koolabrew Drive 
             Calabash, NC 28467 

Learn to  love watercolor washes,glazes and merging colors. We will use large flat brushes for backgrounds
and pointed round brushes for details. Bring your own reference photos and sketches to create your composition.
Susan will give you guidance on the accuracy of your drawing before you begin painting. One to one personal instruction by Susan included. All levels welcome. 

SUPPLIES;  MINIMUM 18X24 WATERCOLOR PAPER PAD, 1"-2" Flat brush plus 1" -1 1/2" Round brushes
TUBE Watercolor paint,palette, backboard for paper and reference photos. Plastic water container,paper towels,
small sketch paper, Permanent Black Ink fine line art markers- Sharpie, Pitt brands or similar

Click here for Artist Bio 

$35 for Members, $45 for Non-Members


February - Todd Carignan 
Drawing Fundamentals: the Still-life - Charcoal 

When: Thursday, February 21, 2019 9:30 - 3:30 
Where: Bellinger Artworks 
             283B Koolabrew Dr 
             Calabash, NC 28467

For the beginner or if you just need a refresher on the basics. Good painting begins with knowing how to draw. This workshop will focus on vocabulary, simplifying shapes, measuring, judging values, embracing light and shadow, texturizing and creating focus and depth. 

Supply list: 
18"x24" Strathmore CHARCOAL paper 
Medium or soft vine charcoal
Kneaded eraser
Blending stump
Medium or hard charcoal pencil

Artist Bio 

$35 for Members , $45 for Non-Members 

Click here for registration information and forms 
March - Rachel Jones 
Watercolor and Atmospheres - Watercolor

When: Thursday, March 21, 2019 9:30 - 3:30 
Where: Bellinger Artworks 
             283B Koolabrew Drive  
              Calabash, NC 28467

This workshop is to help us paint more than just a figure but the essence and atmosphere of the figure. We will use familiar materials in slightly different ways to loosen up and achieve more of a flow to your work. The goal is not to create a hyper-realistic painting, but rather unique, expressive, and powerful works. This workshop designed for beginners to advanced painters, will prove to be an informative and fun addition in your creative journey. 


Watercolor Palette

Watercolor brushes (various sizes to include 1 large brush size 8 or above)

Watercolor pad 140 lb or heavier (quality paper such as Arches is not necessary unless one wishes to use it for their final piece at the end of the day)

Lots of paper will be used so feel free to cut to sizes for practice

Pencils for quick sketches
Large water container or 2 smaller containers
Paper towels
Reference Photos or magazine tear outs

Artist Bio 

$35 for Members , $45 for Non-Members 

Click here for Registration information and form 
April - Mike Rooney 
Essential Skills to Good Painting - Oil / Acrylics 

When: Thursday, April 11, 2019 
Where: Bellinger Artworks 
             283B Koolabrew Drive 
             Calabash, NC 28467  

In this class you'll learn tips for drawing more accurately, using values correctly and mixing colors proficiently, the cornerstones of great painting.
Instructor Mike Rooney will guide you through these subjects in a fun and informative way and you'll see improvement in your painting immediately. 
Drawing is more about seeing what you're drawing better, which leads to more accurate drawing. 
There's a systematic way to figure out the values as you're painting. So simple, you'll say "why didn't I think of that?"
Lastly color mixing is only a problem if you over think it. If you follow Rooney's advice even a complete beginner could be mixing the exact color required after a few hours of instruction.
These classes fill up quickly so don't wait. Sign up today and start painting better, now!

Suggested Supply List 

Artist Bio 

$45 for Members, $55 for Non-Members 

Click here for Registration info and form 

December - Phil Meade 

When: Friday December 7, 2018, 9:30 - 3:30 
Where: Bellinger Art Works
  283B Koolabrew Dr 
  Calabash, NC 28467 

Art Basics for Oil and Acrylic Painters 

Contact Vicki Neilon 

This worksop offers an introduction to oil or acrylic painting for beginning artists and a reintroduction to art basics for more experienced painters. The idea behind this workshop is to help develop knowledge, skills and confidence in a pressure free environment that can be applied in the classroom or as you complete paintings on your own.  
Students should have reference photos that inspire them. Landscapes, seascapes, still lives or flowers. Phil will bring in his own photos that covers these areas of interest..Go on Pinterest. Look at what style interest you most. Use as a starting point. You don’t copy. You will paint in your own unique style. The idea behind this workshop is not to necessarily to complete a painting but to have a good foundation to work upon.

First talk will cover all the basics for oil painting. With demo of mixing paints and brush work. Second talk after break will cover advanced techniques such as proportional enlargement from reference material. Perspective. Unless I see that some basics need to be covered again.

Workshop Agenda
Oil paints Palette setup, Brushes, Canvas,
Canvas prep, and block-in.
Stages or layering, Composition,
Using reference materials (photos, still life etc.)
Aerial and linear perspective if needed

$35 for Members and $45 for Non-Members 

Click here for Artist Bio / Statement: 

Click here for Supply list: 

Click here for registration and application form :